Welcome to Push.photo Affiliate Program

What is affiliate program?

Push.photo Affiliate Program is intended to attract new users for Instagram Scheduler Push.photo by the help of partners, who would get partner’s commission from the payments of these users.

For whom is this program?

This Affiliate Program is designed for website administrators, bloggers and owners of social networks accounts - for people who have the ability to attract targeted traffic.
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Who use Push.photo web-service?

The service is used by the owners of Instagram accounts who need to schedule and automate their Instagram posts. Mostly they are photographers, cafes, shops, hotels, entertainment venues, designers, and bloggers.

How does Push.photo Affiliate Program work?

Step 1. Sign up

Simple registration in our Affiliate Program will take a couple of minutes.

Step 2. Promote

Use your referral link to advertise the service on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter.
You’ll be able to track your referrals and their transactions in our Affiliate Program real-time dashboard.

Step 3. Get paid

Earn 30% of your referrer’s bill every month!
You’ll get 30% commission from each payment of your referral users of Push.photo every month as long as they're paying Push.photo customers.

Or you can sign up using your Google account:

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